Must Anushka Sharma Be Held Responsible For Virat Kohli and Team India's Loss?

In the spirit of sportsmanship and in defense of another woman, it is only right that we hit the rod while it is still hot! Yes, the Indian team lost! The Australian team won the semi-finals by 95 runs. And it is NOT Anushka Sharma’s fault! We are as disheartened as any other cricket fan, but we are also brave enough to admit that the better team won. Cricket is a sport, let us not lose sight of sportsmanship, in our quest for the Cup. Virat Kohli’s abysmal performance on the cricket pitch has no correlation to his alleged girlfriend Anushka Sharma's presence in the stadium.

Yes, we agree Kohli had a bad day today, but hasn’t he done us proud on other days? It is indeed sad to see Virat Kohli’s priorities are being doubted and his relationship with Anushka Sharma being targeted because of this failure.

Out of respect for the game and the men in blue who have played well during this entire series, we must detach ourselves momentarily and embrace the mantra that in life you win some, you lose some.

Just to give you an insight, here are some tweets doing the rounds of social media

Anushka went to Australia to bring them back. So congrats for her successful operation

Pretty sure Anushka is single once again. Eligible bachelors should try their luck.

So Anushka Sharma travelled all the way from Bombay to to Sydney to watch her boy bowl 1 over, drop 1 catch and score 1 run

I knew Anushka landing to Sydney was a bad idea

So Anushka Sharma travelled from India for nothing

@AnushkaSharma told you to support from outside. Bade keh gaye hain never mix love with work

I bet Australia paid for her flight tickets and gave VIP seat