Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 14th November, 2016 Full Episode, Written Update: Sona offers a surprise to Dev while Ishwari worries concerning her son obtaining snatched away

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 14th November, 2016 Full Episode, Written Update: Sona provides a surprise to Dev whereas Ishwari worries about her son obtaining snatched away when she hears him calling his mother-in-law as Maa.

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi begins with Sona (Erica Fernandes) coming to Ishwari (Supriya Pilgaonkar) and requesting forgiveness for last night’s episode. She says we have a tendency to will take care from now on. Ishwari says I understand you are terribly smart and I am certain you did not tell your oldsters concerning the fight between Dev and you. She says that next time solve your fights at home and then visit your oldsters’ place. The bell rings and an individual delivers a huge swing. Sona gets happy seeing it. Radha (Alka Mogha) tells Ishwari that she is creating purchases without informing anyone. Sona tells them that it's a surprise for Dev (Shaheer Sheikh).

When Dev comes Ishwari says I need to speak to you if you've got the time for me. He says, after all mom. She tells him about the boy and he says we tend to would like to find out how the guy is. Dev asks Ishwari if she has informed Ria (Ankita Bahuguna) regarding the alliance. When he involves the room, Sona says she encompasses a surprise. He is asked to shut his eyes. He sees the swing and says it is nice. Sona says are you not excited to see this…why are you creating face like Mr. Obhodhro. Dev says you can go ahead. Sona says you told me to try to to up the room as per my alternative.

Neha (Chestha Bhagat) comes and asks if he will dine at home. She asks if he can dine at his in-laws place. Sona comes to assist in the kitchen. She asks Ria and Nikki if Dev really liked the swing. She says she is doubtful. Sona asks Ishwari who says Dev likes his room empty. She taunts Sona asking you recognize Dev well. At the dinner table, Sona comes to know that Ria’s wedding is being fastened. Radha says after Ria, we tend to will see for Vicky however how will Gareeb Ki Beti find an alliance. Dev senses his mother is upset and asks her. She says it's nothing to worry and he or she is taking time to regulate to it.

In the bedroom, Sona continues to be upset about Dev not liking the swing chair. She says that Ishwari says that he likes open areas. Dev says he can start liking one thing that she likes. He hugs her.

Mamaji (Mushtaq Khan) goes to the kitchen to talk to Ishwari. He says your cooking is changing into tasteless. She provides him halwa. He says bribe. Ishwari says I went to Sona’s home within the morning and say all of them were having breakfast there. She says Dev was calling Sona’s mother as Maa. He says you must be pleased with your upbringing. He says if Dev does not decision his mother-in-law as maa, will he call her Auntyji. She says I feel my son is obtaining snatched far from him. Mamaji says she is worried silly.

Nikki teases Ria about the prospective boy. She tells her to travel looking and teases regarding her honeymoon. Ria says honeymoons are cursed in our family. Neha is there, thus they apologise quickly. She says I married the incorrect man. She says you're keen on someone who will afford to keep you happy. Ishwari gets a decision from Ria’s prospective alliance and they say we tend to are returning today evening. Dev is very engaged with a conference. She says Ayaan’s family is coming back tonight. He says it is robust to manage and tells her to call Sona to help her in the matter. Ishwari gets upset.